Tuesday, March 28, 2006

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MySpace is the largest but there's now a sea
Media Life Magazine - USA
By Heidi Dawley. When Rupert Murdoch swooped in last year to buy MySpace, paying $580 million, Wall Street suddenly perked up to the idea of social networking. ...
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Windows skews Microsoft's web plans
VNUNet.com - Haarlem,Netherlands
... Aber Whitcomb, chief technical officer of the MySpace social networking site, told delegates that MySpace with 65 million members is now the second-busiest ...

Sex predators use of Myspace.com alarms legislator
San Jose Mercury News - CA, USA
... computer screen. And they implored teenagers to keep personal information off their Web pages on popular sites, namely Myspace.com. ``We ...
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MySpace should be MyStress
Pacer - Martin,TN,USA
... During midterms I found myself wasting insane amounts of time on MySpace. ... Five minutes later, I was watching videos on MySpace. ...

Every Time I Die: Hating MySpace And Hawthorne Heights
Chart Attack - Canada
... Buckley about their explosive new album, Gutter Phenomenon, touring, and a number of things the singer is sick of, including the heavy music scene and Myspace. ...

College officials ponder effects of FaceBook, MySpace
San Jose Mercury News - CA, USA
By Matt Krupnick. College administrators are figuring out just how essential Facebook and MySpace are for the proper care and feeding of students. ...
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MySpace.com clean up?
WKYC-TV - Cleveland,OH,USA
UNDATED -- A popular website among teens and young adults, MySpace.com, has politicians pushing for ways to keep users safe. Ohio ...
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All up in MySpace
Chicago Tribune - United States
By Jimmy Greenfield. Until a few weeks ago, Paul Marszalek's myspace.com page had photos of him and his friends partying, dancing and drinking alcohol. ...
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Jon's Myspace Pick - Klaxons
CD Times - Bristol,UK
... Check out their myspace page where you can hear their new single, the stunning 'Atlantis To Interzone' track and find out where they're playing live next.

Oak Lawn Students Suspended for MySpace Postings
WBBM780 - Chicago,USA
The MySpace postings allegedly contained foul language, a digitally altered photo of George Bush sticking up his middle finger, pop-ups of women in bikinis and ...

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